Transportation options from Warsaw airport (and Warsaw train station) to Lublin

1) most conveniently from the airport, the private company called Contbus
It leaves from the Bus Terminal, just next to Terminal A (Arrivals)  and it takes around 3 hours.

The ticket from the airport is 45 pln

2) the same company also runs a service from Warsaw which leaves more frequently – and it is easy to get to the point they leave from the airport.
There is a direct public bus connection from the Airport to the City Centre – bus number 175. The bus ticket is 4.40 pln (single ticket) and can be bought either at the bus or at a ticket machine next to the bus stop. It takes around 30 minutes to get from the airport to the Centre.  

Then, you should get off at the Dworzec Centralny / Central Train Station stop. This is at the foot of Marriott Hotel. At the back of the hotel there is the bus stop for the Contbusbuses.
The ticket from here to Lublin is 30 pln.

3) taking the bus to the city centre and getting off at Dworzec Centralny / Central Train Station stop one can also take te trains from the train station. The fare is around 40 pln. On the website, the top right section, you can check the connections and buy the ticket online. It’s enough to have an e-ticket for most of the services.

4) For taxis in Warsaw we recommend these ones:

It is possible to pay by credit card in these taxis.

Upon arrival in Lublin:

– the Contbus buses will arrive at the foot of the Castle
From here you can take a bus into the direction of the city centre, which is across the street from the Castle.
These will be bus numbers: 10, 18, 31, 32, 57.
To get to the Centre for Culture you should get off at “3 maja” stop –  – just 2 stops.
The fare is 3.20 pln for a 30-minute ticket, which is enough for sure!

– for arrival by train
To get to the CEntre for Culture it will be best to take bus number 13 and get off at Narutowicza stop.

– for taxis:
They speak English and it is possible to pay by cards.