In the spring of 2017, the Investigative Committee conducted the first proceedings in a criminal case, which everyone now knows as “The Serebrennikov’s Case”, “The Seventh Studio case” or “The Platform Case”. Six people, including the world-famous director, were accused of stealing from the state more than one hundred million roubles, the sum of which was supposed to finance artistic activities. And if proven guilty, they may be sentenced to a 10-year imprisonment.

Journalists Katerina Gordeeva and Roman Super try to get to the very bottom of the case. They interview people who know what theatre is all about and are familiar with its financial aspect. They also analyse the flow of finances in the settlement documents. The journalists meet people related to the case that no one has ever talked to before and take part in all court hearings. The film is an attempt to show the reason for the misunderstanding, which started from the critical acclaim, ovation of audiences, and compliments of the Ministry of Culture and led to arrests and accusation of embezzlement of theatre funds.