Two medieval scoundrels lost in time are going on a journey. One is a monk, the other is a crap that each age provides in excess. They spend the last night before departure at an inn. Two routes run past the inn. On one of them, a carriage, traveled by a lady of light manners (light, not light, but always manners), jumps. On the second, it’s true that at another time, the train runs. Their paths meet. In the first version of the script, they didn’t meet, but the show was too short and one might think we have nothing to say. As for the Middle Ages, it is a long period in the history of culture marked by exceptional filth. If we add to this the dragons with sunken sides wandering in the forests, the primitive concept of a theatrical space in the form of a mansion, and a surprising tendency to paint saints on all unpainted walls, this probably justifies our fascination with this epoch.

The performance is full of allusions, quotations and references to history, art and literature; not only times are mixed up, but props and figures; next to incense – Coca-Cola, next to the carriage a railway, next to Goethe scholasticism. And all this is spiced up with a great joke, accurate and, of course, not stupid, with a specific “multi-level” humor.

Dorota Mrówka “Options”