The piece combines elements of Tuvan traditional music and throat singing by Huun Huur Tu with original music by an outstanding Russian composer, Vladimir Martynov, composed especially for this project. The idea for combining the sound of a contemporary chamber orchestra with old music from Asia was conceived in the heads of Vladimir Oboronko and Alexander Cheparukhin from Green Wave Music. In the summer of 2009, when the project was almost ready, Martynov decided to include in the artistic work the Mlada University Choir performing poetry by one of the most famous Russian avantgarde poets of the first half th of the 20 century, Velimir Khlebnikov. He blended well with the composition, because he was a master of mixing together the archaic, contemporary and futuristic poetics. It was one of his poems that provided the title for the whole project: “Children of The Otter”. The composer Vladimir Martynov emphasizes that “the aim of the project is to invite the listener to delve into the stream of eternal music that brings together animal, human and divine spirits.” Vladimir Martynov is a recognized Russian composer, philosopher, writer, music historian theoretician. Huun Huur Tu, a quartet from Tuva, is a world famous group performing traditional music. Opus Posth Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1999 by Tatyana Grindienko. The orchestra’s choice of repertoire and style of performing is influenced by the style and ideas of the post modern composition by Vladimir Martynov. Michail Stepanitch is a classical pianist by education, interested also in singing. He sang in the Moscow Armenian Chamber Choir. Mlada University Choir is one of the most recognized ensembles from Perm. They won numerous festivals in Russia and abroad.