The program of this year’s Konfrontacje Teatralne will include Polish and Lublin’s performances as well as the most interesting premieres of the last season.

The festival will be opened Silence by a renown Biuro Podróży Theatre This is an impressive outdoor performance with a strong social message inspired by events in Syria. The performance was commissioned by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival/London and Hull UK City of Culture 2017 / Freedom Festival, in co-production with GDIF.

In turn, #chybanieja, directed by Paweł Passini, reacts to problems that disturb the public opinion, and the premiere of the show animated the discussion about the rights to freedom of creation. The show My Stay’s Almost Over, Yet I Am Still Single  from the Słowacki Theatre in Cracow is a melancholic and funny trip to the world of operetta. The director, Cezary Tomaszewski, in a surreal way recreates the spa reality, complementing it with music.

As part of the Young Confrontations we will see performances of the most interesting young artists. Polish nursery rhymes or ceremonies are a fresh look at family traditions in a hip-hop version. The nineteenth-century drama Woyzeck in the interpretation of Maciej Gorczyński completes dance and movement. The Population Density: The Story of An Explosion is an intense, emotional show – another festival proposition based on the work of Svetlana Alexievich.