Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Change is always positive, even if it comes unexpectedly. It gives us a chance to redefine the way we think, the context in which we are working and the path we would like to take.
The 22nd edition of the Konfrontacje Teatralne festival in 2017, under the theme of a question “And what if…?”, was the last to be curated by us. It is the end of our five year work on the programme of Konfrontacje Teatralne. In Grzegorz’s case, it is the end of a cooperation with the festival that has lasted for twenty years.
During these years we have proposed to look at the festival as a space for independent, critical thinking and a place for exchanging diverse positions, thoughts and experiences. We understood the festival as an institution which creates and proposes the conditions for new artistic work, opens a space for a debate, points to its social and political context, and provides time and space for creating the unpredictable.
We would like to thank so much the artists, collaborators, participants and the Lublin audience—for their trust, their attention, their patience, unfailing attendance and the time you decided to spend with us. We would especially like to thank our colleagues from the Centre for Culture in Lublin and the Festival Office—for your invaluable work, enthusiasm and support.
All festivals and institutions operate in a specific context—some activities cannot be transferred to different places, some lose their shape and meaning, while others could not have been created anywhere else. We feel that a number of paths and threads has been severed, but at the same time we are certain that we will soon meet again, somewhere else—we will keep you informed here:
See you very soon,
Marta Keil & Grzegorz Reske
Summary Theatre Confrontations 2013 – 2017 (click link to download file)