We are increasingly under the impression that the social and political models we are accustomed to are losing their momentum and efficiency, that they are crumbling and failing to work at all. The domesticated world ceases to be comprehensible: it seems to be slipping through our fingers and the already applied solutions are no longer effective. Democracies as we know them are rife with social inequalities, nationalist and populist tendencies, while institutions – instead of striving to include a diversity of social groups – painstakingly exclude them.

For that reason, showing the mechanisms that we are governed by as well as revealing their perversions has maybe never been as important as it is at present. After all, we have not attended to all the pressing matters and not solved the current problems. And for that same reason, we are in high need of new solutions and new ways of thinking. We need to imagine what is impossible and open a room for it — theatre might be a great space to do so.

What would happen if we considered the unattainable and inaccessible to be perfectly plausible? If we no longer treated the current institutions as the only possible and attempted to invent them anew? What if we opened the space for the seemingly impossible? If we lived in a society of equality? What kind of festival would this space entail? Let us try to embrace the impossible and find a space for all the ideas that would have never come to our mind.

Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske