Roman Pawłowski writes in Gazeta Wyborcza daily about Wojcieszek’s new premiere in Legnica:

“It is not only a wonderfully observed fragment of dying Polish province and romantic history of men fighting for a woman, but also a tale about the desperate quest for faith. Life stories of protagonists who are forced to leave their home are not only a metaphor of homelessness attributed to modern man, deprived of the old points of reference such as religion, family, tradition and home. Liquid modernism requires lack of any connections, while the promises man gets in return are illusory. When Agata is asked a question: what is she going to do in Warsaw?, she answers: I am going to look for a job – the audience bursts out laughing. It is Wojcieszek’s first play which is not going to end well. (…)
Wojcieszek has mastered his directing skills; the narration is superbly simple, sets minimalistic. The same floor of plain wooden boards is home, church, ring, the whole world. Nothing turns our attention away from acting. ‘Personal Jesus’ formulates significant questions about the situation of provincial people caught up in a trap of unemployment, the price we have to pay for respecting values, hardships leading to faith. Such questions are not asked in theatre very often these days.