Scena 6 is a theater open to non-theatrical reality, the presence of which, signaled in the stage, provokes reflection on the quality of today’s relations: human – other human, inner self. Kowalczyk’s play is a show about us. What is heresy today? A heretic means a misfit, a neglect – someone who has renounced himself and his past. He built it anew out of delusions that both he and the world are better than it really seems. Heresy, or the ritual of rejection, takes place on stage. We reject old values ​​embodied in things that once linked them. We throw it on the pile. And suddenly it turns out that under dirty rags, cheap coats there are tuxedos and evening dresses, our new faith – consumption.

The presentation of Scena 6 tells about dreams, the common ones (about being European, about enjoying a backwater), and the personal ones (about what is permanent and beautiful). Dreams always captivate, they only create the appearance of freedom. Artists from Lublin seem to say that, straight from the real, systemic enslavement, we fall into enslavement by dreams, the utopia of freedom. this world is not the world, it is not a world where you can say something out loud and not be scared by your scream

Łukasz Drewniak