Exceptionally moving and intimate reflection on love, friendship and betrayal. The main character, Omar, is a baker in occupied Palestine. He is arrested and charged with murder of an Israeli soldier. To regain freedom, he decides to become an informer. In the meantime, his friends are kidnapped and tortured, both physically and mentally. All of them, including Omar, are faced with the necessity of making difficult decisions and choosing between staying loyal and living on. Suspicion and betrayal put to the test his trust in his childhood friends. Standing on the opposite sides of the wall, Omar and a brother of his beloved Nadia, a fighter, search and struggle for different kinds of freedom. It occurs to Omar that who your enemy is depends strictly on the circumstances you find yourself in. Tortures and humiliations undermine his faith in honour and in the meaning of sacrifice at all costs. The director shows the power of trust, talks about its importance in love, friendship and loyalty, but also about how fragile it is.

Palestinian candidate for an Oscar, the winner of the Special Award of the Jury at the International Film Festival in Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section.