SIKSA is an artistic flightless bird from a burnt forest. Your old friend, play. It is nothing more than an ordinary variety of animals and nothing else than a trembling variety of humans. Tormented by an eternal ball of anxiety, she wipes a tear that is smoked by couch air and sets off over and over again on wonderful and useful journeys. Her instincts guide her through the streets, and her bumpy tongues have made her taste a real taste. And you still do not believe your own coal-eyed … Then! SIKSA is already full of smoke! SIKSA falls asleep for a while, and putting SIKSA to sleep – we all know – is quite a feat. She slept for 7 years and not a single night. So don’t say goodbye to her – you’ll still need it.

Cudowne i pożyteczne, this is the latest project of the SIKSA duo (Alex Freiheit – vocal; Piotr Buratyński – bass) in the form of a theatrical performance-concert. The musicians from Gniezno cannot be pigeonholed and arouse controversy from the very beginning. In their work, raw, minimalist sounds have been combined with punk energy, happenings and poetic slam. In his lyrics, he fights against stereotypes, including those prevailing on the punk scene. The new material was presented, among others at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, Soundrive Festival.