Requiem is the second performance realised by the ‘field’ theatre. It is an attempt to inscribe Wieslaw Mysliwski’s text into the space of a real village, like Nadrzecze or Gardzienice. The joint imagination of the audience and actors – stimulated by words, light and music – will ‘build’ a house on a real meadow. There will be a real table and there will be waiting for the villagers who are supposed to come for a traditional deathwatch.
This play is about death which our modern civilization wants to marginalize, cannot coexist with and does not accept, although at the same time is not able to overcome. Dying has become a taboo people are ashamed of. The living do not have and do not want to have a contact with the dead. They are not capable of deriving wisdom and strength from it.
However, it is also a requiem for the death of sensitivity and imagination whose place has been taken by talking rubbish, media mumblings and constant rush. One of Mysliwski’s characters formulates a painful diagnosis : ‘Soon all of us will be born of the same mother – television’.