The ingredients of “Oresteia” produced by  are passion, love, multimedia and rock-and-roll choir. It is a story about our life in the course of which we manipulate and get manipulated at the same time. Until the very end of the play we do not know who is going to win and who is right.The audience is given a role of a judge and jury. In the process of numerous rehearsals and improvisations the old Greek drama of Aeschylus got subjected to various metamorphoses in order to make it accessible to the public whose reception is formed (or deformed) by television and internet. Ilkhom is one of the first independent companies to be established in the former Soviet Union. It was founded in 1976 by the director Marek Weil who has been its artistic director for over 30 years. Nowadays Ilkhom operates also as a theatre school and exhibition space. “Oresteia” was produced in cooperation with the Ebert Foundation