In this performance there is no scenography to which we are used to in dramatic theaters. There is a scene filled with forms and signs that transform, live according to the logic of associations evoked by the text of the tragedy. So there is no background – there is a visual poem with a powerful impact

Franciszek Piątkowski “Kurier Lubelski”

And it happened. The sun of Greece has faded, Egyptian darkness has fallen. The dark music of Konieczny, rustling like desert sand, was played, and between the up and down parts of Mądzik’s set design the costumes of Zofia de Ines began to shift majestically, barely emerging from the darkness, but enough for us to appreciate the sophisticated project

Roman Pawłowski “Gazeta Wyborcza “

The performance resembles some secret initiation ritual. We face the mystery. We descend with Mądzik to hell. The Gates of Thebes are located in this performance not far from the gates of Hades.

Mirosław Haponiuk “Gazeta w Lublin”