An outstanding production realized by the young, widely recognized and award winning director Maja Kleczewska. “Her Platonov is a tragedy of ambitions and romantic comedy in one. She brought out the situation of actors who in the 21st century are forced to pronounce the pathetic ‘I shall never forget you’ or ‘A women came to see you, not an animal'”. Joanna Derkaczew.

„Maja Kleczewska succeeded in transferring Chekhov’s decaying world to the 21st century at Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz. Platonov of Maja Kleczewska and the playwright Łukasz Chotkowski is taking place in the environment of a washing machine, fridge and computer on the screen of which the main protagonist watches cartoons with his pants pulled down. Women think that Platonov is a prince from a fairy-tale who will rescue them from the nightmare of an empty life and induce emotions the power of which equals the emotions they watch in the cinema (references to films are constantly present on stage). These desires find their culmination in the scene of orgy in which Platonov is made up as Bacchus (…) Kleczewska builds the moving world of hollow mannequins, like zombies chasing the others the blood of whom can give them a taste of real life. Only that these others have never been alive”. Aneta Kyzioł, Polityka.