Inspired by Gombrowicz’s philosophy of life and his biography, the production was realised by young artists who are known from their earlier projects. Paweł Kamza, a director, but also a stage designer, a playwright and a photographer was awarded Primus inter pares prize, and recently won a prize at the 9th All- Polish Competition for Production of A Polish Contemporary Theatre Play. Izabela Kolka used to work with Biuro Podróży, now she is associated with several theatre companies in Wrocław, Poznań and Bydgoszcz. Their comments on the performance: „Four protagonists: a Polish woman – journalist, a Scottish woman – teacher, a Frenchman – writer, and a debutant poet from Buenos Aires travel in Argentina. They all ran away from their homes, pursued by the Past. They hope to find an answer to the question ; me … what is it now?- in the Andes, on the ocean beaches or in the pampas. Will they succeed in regaining their ego? Is it going to be closer to Hamlet or Don Quixote? For, according to Gombrowicz, everybody should form himself/herself after a figure of the Danish Prince or the Knight from La Mancha.