Arya is a new solo created by Sylwia Hanff according to the concept behind the project “Black Latifa”, which explores butoh as meditation dance and something that Hanff calls “butoh of the opposite bank”. In Sufism Latifa means the level of opening to the Essence – the Truth and Human Nature beyond the false structures of personalities. Black Latifa is a dimension of looking inside ourselves, our relationship with death, the depth of silence, the source of love.
Sylwia Hanff – butoh dancer, choreographer, teaches techniques of working with the body and meditation, mime-dancer. She danced in international dance projects choreographed by Atsushi Takenouchi, Katy Juhash and Fran Barbe, Kan Katsura. She learned butoh from such masters as: Ko Murobushi, DaisukeYashimoto, Carlotta Ikeda, Atsushi Takenouchi, Kan Katsura, Tadashi Endo, however, from the beginning she has been looking for European body of butoh. Since 2002 she runs the Limen Theatre.