In Grishkovec’s stories about life, dreams and disappointments there is no place for anger, pain or sarcasm, rejection of life or cursing it. There is some simple and naive astonishment over the world instead. Sometimes Grishkovec’s theatre is described as ‘new sentimental theatre” Grishkovec brings back his intimate dreams and recollections, but only the ones which seem to be universal, shared by all people. That is how he draws the audience into the play with their own recollections. He allows them to find their personal history in his apparently disorganized mumbling. “Grishkovec has (…)a gift of reducing fundamental issues to everyday experience-recollections from train journeys, descriptions of new year’s eve nights, casual Georgian melodies. Paweł Pabisiak has another gift he talks so naturally, as if he traveled on the Russian trains, drank Sovetskoje Igristoje, traveled to Georgia in his dreams. At the same time,. he does not pretend to be somebody else, all the time he is Pawe³ Pabisiaj who came to tell us a story of Mr Grishkovec”. Roman Pawlowski, „Gazeta Wyborcza”