Feel invited to participate in a cognitive experiment with regard to our private social and political reality. The one that is and the one that could be. Could it be? Our work is a theatrical essay inspired by Polish contemporary poetry.

Based on a script awarded by the Theatre of the Eighth Day in the OFF Competition: Premieres // Presentations.

Notes of the Theatre of the Eighth Day after the premiere:

“A philosophising girl, dancing to the techno rhythm on a barrel, dousing herself with Coca Cola against a backdrop of oil tankers and pelicans trapped in the quagmire of petroleum; a human being tangled in socio-political contexts; a human being against the terror of being absof***ingloutely awesome, jittery, engulfed by the obsessive compulsion of keeping a daily tally of losses and gains. An electrifying theatrical essay in search of meaning, in search of argumentation … Highly recommended!”

As part of the Centre for Culture in Lublin’s Rewiry project, Teatr Realistyczny’s artists participated in a residency programme in 2016.