“Paweł Szkotak, a manager of Biuro Podróży Theatre from Poznań, does not stage the narrative of Potocki’s elaborate novel, he simply summons its respective images, inscribing them into the symbolic representation of Tarot. He enjoins Alfons van Worden, accompanied by his faithful Moski, to wade through the world of phantoms and illusions, both stunning and comical, riding an astonishing, twoheaded stallion which is equipped with the pedals of a bicycle gear in the place of stirrups. With an impressive machinery of a professional street theatre he sets out on a journey into the fairy world of adventures, encounters and risky undertakings, staged with theatrical forbearance to renew, finally, the drum beat of a firing squad and to chase along the stage the true death, a nightmarish skeleton of a bird. A beautiful, suggestive performance, as clear as a crystal, – and wise.” (Polityka 14.07.2001)