Blue Noses – Viacheslav Mizhin and Alexander Shaburov

Interventions into the city space – urban comic strip, video art, photography.

The Russian group Blue Noses is a quintesence of anti-mainstream, provocation and blasphemous buffoonery. They aim to create an independent free space which questions political correctness and conventional canons of aesthetics. Blue Noses is an ironic way of making comments on contemporary culture. The artists ridicule the most respected Russian sanctities for which they get severely criticised by the authorities. They laugh at the imperial ambitions of Russia and Western pop culture. Blue Noses present and turn into a metaphor the grotesqueness of modern life. All that acquires a humorous tone coloured with a substantial degree of perversion. Their most acclaimed work is the photography “The Era of Mercy” which features two policemen kissing. Blue Noses have been presented in Paris, New York, Prague, Warsaw and other places.