The mountain is the negative of a ditch: what has been dug out accumulates on the other side. The deeper we descend, the thicker the layers on the surface become; they are gradually flattened and eventually blurred as people walk on them.

Inside, the mountain is breathing, but to hear its sound one has to descend into the well created inside the layers; one needs to immerse in the fertile soil, populated by worms and full of lost objects, such as mirrors, fragments of inscriptions in a foreign language, charred newspapers, shreds of history running through your memory.

Breathing Mountain is a performative installation located in the former Jewish district of Lublin. The narration of the work develops with the movement of the audience, referring to the past and its traces in the space, language and sounds of the city. In fact, Breathing Mountain is a research project describing the contemporary world. History is evoked here in a living form, without the safe distance of a showcase that locks the world that disappeared and will never return. We describe what is visible/audible now, and what constitutes the chiaroscuro of the past that might not have been processed yet.