Anna Zubrzycka and Grzegorz Bral, former members and actors of Gardzienice, founded the company on the turn of 1996. Their earliest performances, including ‘The Song of a Goat’, based on ‘Bacchants’ by Euripides and ‘Chronicles’ were realized in the premises of the Grotowski Centre in Wroclaw, thanks to their support and assistance. From March 2002 th the company has its own location in the 14 century refectory. ‘Chronicles’ are rooted in the form of a lament. The members of the company were looking for the relics of this specific form of music and its tradition in various countries. Their quest was not only restricted to singing, but also, and perhaps mostly, was focused on a surviving musical structure. On the borderland between Greece and Albany they came across polyphonic laments. In their research on the technique of this form of singing they concentrated on what they agreed to call the physiology of singing. The background of the performance is a story of Gilgamesh, his unsuccessful initiation into eternal life, which is, in a sense, universal. However, it does not tell a history of the king’s life. It is about his funeral and becomes a reflection on dying. Chanting provides the main substance in the performance (…) The melodic qualities of the presented songs are raw and rough, powerful, distinctive and expansive. It overcomes the audience, verging on euphoria, especially when accompanied by ecstatic music. Jacek Sieradzki, Polityka