This unique event is a result of the recognition of Tadeusz Różewicz’s unusual personality and oeuvre. During this edition of the festival several performances inspired by Rozewicz will be presented: She Departs – Scena Plastyczna KUL, Dead and Buried – Provisorium and Kompania „Teatr”, Departure of the Starveling – The Byelorussian Drama Company from Minsk, Tra-ta-ta – Teatr Realistyczny from Skierniewice. The evening of master reading of Ró¿ewicz will constitute a climax of this line, so significant for the festival organizers. A number of outstanding actors accepted our invitation to take part in this extraordinary project. Texts were selected and arranged by Maria Dębicz, a long term secretary of the poet. The first part will be a premiere presentation of Rózewicz’s latest dram Trele morele by Jan Peszek and Maria Peszek, consulted-directed by Piotr Łazarkiewicz. The second part will include Rozewicz’s major subjects and motives introduced by Adam Ferency (featured in Discarded Files radio play), Olgierd Łukaszewicz ( Franz from Trap directed by Jerzy Grzegorzewski) and Witold Mazurkiewicz (Walus from Dead and Buried, Teatr Provisorium and Kompania„Teatr”. The power of Rozewicz’s oeuvre, the awareness of the man who is not only a witness of the 20th century, but also an insightful and wise commentator of the absurdities of the 21st century, his sensitivity to metaphysics and commonality of everyday dramas, ironic approach to the world will create the atmosphere of the evening.