The name of the band comes from Old Russian and it means “give/take”. “Dakh” is also the place, where the group was formed, the Centre for Contemporary Art DAKH in Kiev, Ukraine. Members of the band have been travelling around Ukraine and collecting traditional songs for many years. They get energy to sing not only from their national culture, their music is influenced also by European and Oriental, Christian and Muslim traditions. DakhaBrakha makes contemporary folk music described as ethno-chaos. “The world was created from Chaos. Music is created from the soul of the people. Ethno+chaos are the roots of two words, from which emerges the world of music. It changes its rhythm, but it can be recognized through the sounds of its native music. This world is surprising, anticipated and new. When ethnic musicians work on reconstructing the tradition, they go back to their roots. But can we really be sure what those “roots” are? Especially, if we belong to the city culture, where every attempt to install authenticity is usually artificial. But when you feel a sound impulse and make a step forward using your imagination and inspiration, you will not loose hope of reincarnating what’s forgotten and creating something new.” Some of the instruments the band uses are: tabla, Buddhist gong, maracas, cello, didgeridoo, bongo, djembe.