The Tmu-Na Theater was founded in Tel Aviv in 1981 by Nava Zuckerman. The theater has prepared a dozen or so performances awarded at many festivals. The show focuses on the lives of two women who met in an Israeli prison. One of them is a Jewish woman convicted of murdering her husband. The second Irish woman who smuggled weapons for her Palestinian lover. Most of the actress’s scenes are played in a small prison cell, where memory comes alive and sounds of real life hear from outside. The play focuses on the relationship between women from two different worlds. “Dead Hours” is largely based on a true story that the creators of the performances encountered when visiting women serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

The energy actors play must damage the ozone layer

James Mavor “The Independent”

Magical Theater. Tmu-Na is a world-class theater

John Linklater “The Glasgow Herald”

Sexual energy radiates from all pores of the scene

“The Baltimore Messenger”