The authors of “Delia” are inspired by the work of the 50s and 60s artists, Merce Cunningham, John Cage, BBC Radiophonic Workshops, who revolutionized the perception of art and its boundaries. That is why “Delia” reaches back to fundamental movement, the multiplicity of meanings that lie in simplicity. We will not find there any enchanting narration, but a collage of scraps of time and space, accidental sounds and precise movements.
Jacek Krawczyk – choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, member of Polish Artists Association, FIA – The International Federation of Actors and EON – The European Network of Independent Theatre Makers, graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk. In 1987 – 97 a teacher of dynamics and vividness of movement, actor, dancer of the Ekspresja Theatre. In 1998 he started his artistic collaboration with Joanna Czajkowska, what gave a start to the creation of Okazjonalny Theatre. Author of numerous dance theatre performances.