Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company looks for inspiration in contemporary dance and in the variety of original Chinese culture. Dragons on the Wall is their third project derived from three sources: poetry, dance and Chinese calligraphy which is art in itself. The artists distinguish several stages of their work; they started with the quest for the ways to express their emotions through movement, combining the harmony of mind with that of body, then Bei Dao’s poem was incorporated into it and the dancers looked for the ways to translate its ideas into the language of dance, finally a visual element appeared and in collaboration with a calligraphy master they searched for the ways to express the relation which allows to develop meanings through painting with ink on a blank sheet of paper. Dragons on the Wall is a symbolic reference to the sign of a dragon which expresses enormous force and energy in Chinese philosophy. The dancers look for images which demonstrate the harmony of body, heart and mind, as well as man’s force and will. These images emanate with beauty, happiness and peace which Western culture can learn from the Asiatic masters.