Laboratorium Dramatu/ Drama Laboratory was founded in Warsaw in 2003, initially associated with the National Theatre. From January 2005 it has been affiliated to the Theatre Authors’ Association, its members being young and middle-aged playwrights. The idea of Drama Laboratory was conceived by Tadeusz S³obodzianek, a playwright, director, theatre critic and producer, a major contributor to the success of the Wierszalin Theatre Company and Teatr Nowy in Lodz. The key objective of the Drama Laboratory is to develop and disseminate contemporary Polish drama along with educating playwrights. It provides young playwrights, directors and actors with opportunities to express their views on social issues, ask awkward questions and discuss with the audience the problems of the modern world, its heritage and future, values, life and death. Contemporary drama is approached as a remedy for commercialism and bestiality. Bogna Pobielska’s performance is focused on a peculiar relationship between mother and daughter. Having been forced by their financial condition, both become call girls. It is a story about complicated female emotions, attempts at contacts and communication. At the same time, it is a fierce accusation of Polish Catholicism, a model of Polish family and void in life.