The Biuro Podróży Theatre invites us to the pre-war literary cabaret of the best quality: there is a black musician playing drums with various accessories (his face painted black perfectly). Foxtrot, Dixie and… “All Saints Go To Heaven” dressed in striped suits in all possible colors. Sometimes we can hear a sentimental accordion, sometimes the sad violin. (…)

Describing this play is difficult since it is constructed from elusive senses, wordplays, finesse. It reminds me of trying to describe a dream, an attempt to show its logic, when the sun is already high in the sky. (…)

The jokes soon become too real and their absurdity becomes ever more logical. What do we really dream about? What do we see? We still laugh but there are already tears in the corner of our eyes. We were promised fun, but we got a story of life.

Ewa Obrębowska-Piasecka, “Gazeta Wyborcza”