“Emergency Exit” is an adaptation of a painting into scenic movement and image. This concept was inspired by bringing together the works of Bogusław Schaffer and Joan Miró. Schaeffer was the first to use “only” graphics to write down a musical piece. He intuitively discovered and showed a new path to all those who wanted to combine arts within one multi-medium, a path now so popular with artists. Schaffer inspired the authors of “Emergency Exit” to treat Miró’s painting as a script of scenic movement.
Anna Maria Dąbrowska – actress, instructor, health psychologist (University of Warsaw). She has been working with the Gardzienice Theatre for 11 years now. She took part in a number of contemporary dance workshops in Poland and abroad. The body/mind dance practice, in which the creation process involves engaging your body and mind to the same extend, is her favourite.
Adrianna Kabza-Biernacka – cultural anthropologist, actress, head of the “Marebito” Art Foundation. During her studies at the University of Warsaw she spent a year on a scholarship in Indonesia studying the techniques of the traditional shadow puppet theatre from Bali. She took part in the International School of Theatre Anthropology if Eugenio Barba twice.
Karolina Szafranowska-Sienkiewicz – actress, culture scholar, translator. Graduate of the Gardzienice Theatre Academy. For many years she has been creating performances that combine physical theatre with dance and alternative theatre in Poland and abroad.