Daisuke Yoshimoto is one of the most recognised Butoh dancers; one of the four dancers continuing the tradition of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata. His dance is said “to express past deaths (…) convey the experience of ritual funerals deeply hidden in our body” (Kazutaka Nagi). Yoshimoto’s body undergoes constant transformations; the venerable Butoh master suddenly changes into a young lad, becomes a child, and then an animal creeping desperately as if looking for water. Daisuke Yoshimoto says: „in the kingdom of body each cell contains everything that has happened from the beginning of the world. It is full of sorrow and joy, trouble and happiness. Millions of beings live in our body” These lives get materialized in the dance of this extraordinary shaman of butoh – Daisuke Yoshimoto Eros and Thanatos touches upon the most intimate and mystifying moments of our life – love and death, mysteries you remain most beautifully silent about. And this path is chosen by the artist who aspires after entering into communion with this mystery in his dance.