Shot in the breathtaking landscapes of the open steppe on the Don river, the picture is a film debut for the Russian director. The endless steppes and lazily flowing river become the background for a tale of an unexpected love which unites two people living there. Vera, a withdrawn woman, lives with her husband Valery and their daughter in a house on the outskirts. Pavel is a relentless constructor of boats floating on the Don. Mutual feeling starts with the exchange of glances and dazes them. Raised in the lands of flowing grass, surrounded by wilderness, they are a part of the nature and will always act in accordance with the eternal laws of nature. However, Vera’s jealous and raging husband will do everything to separate the lovers. The majestic River Don is the silent witness of their passions.

Film’s director, Ivan Vyrypaev, will present his latest theatre production, “Uncle Vanya” at the Festival.