The main protagonist of the play, Zantman, driven by a desire to change his life, wants to make a sea journey.  He is late and gets onto a wrong ship, the Banbury brig, with a cargo of sprats and herrings. There is no return, the Captain rules over life and death there. When “the sun is hot”, and boredom “puts you into a state”extraordinary things happen on the brig…Events comes from Gombrowicz’s debutant book of stories Memoirs of a Time of Immaturity published in 1933, after the war included in Bakakai (1957), Gombrowicz’s collected stories. After many years, the writer ranked this debutante’s story among his best writings. “Today, when I read all those distant stories, I say to myself: well, it is really rich, vibrating with incredible tensions, amazing visions, sparkling with wit and fun.” Succumbing to the atmosphere of the performance, wejoin the Banbury brig crew on their extraordinary journey in the landscape of preying birds and flying fish. We get drawn into the fantastic adventures of mind and imagination, into the aura of anxiety and longing, led through a threshold of a vague initiation.