This multi-disciplinary presentation aims at testing the role of mass media in creating an image of the community of immigrants and the third world nations. From 1993 La Pocha Nostra has been running inter-disciplinary workshops throughout the world in places with varied cultural background. These projects are targeted at providing a new kind of relations between artists and local communities. Usually this process is implanted in a form of intense work divided into two stages. A group of 10 people (artists, actors, dancers), living in a given place, work together with the actors of La Pocha Nostra for 10 days. They get to know the methods of work used in theatre. They are asked to make a presentation based on their mentality, popular beliefs, political conditioning. In the course of continuous work the group analyses the effect of their artistic project, its aesthetic expression, cultural and political shape. Each participant of the workshop is responsible for his task, however the final effect is a result of the joint effort of the group. The performances of La Pocha Nostra presented in many countries are unique. According to the legendary work style of the group, each ‘diorama’ gets subjected to changes, the active participation of the audience influences its course and allows to refer to concrete reality.

Gullermo Gomez Pena,
Juan Ybarra,
Michaelle Ceballos