The play of Teatr Provisorium and Kompania “Teatr” which was first staged during the Third Theatre Confrontations returns to the Festival as an acclaimed and highly awarded performance. The text by Gombrowicz became a common inspiration for two different theatres: Teatr Provisorium which stems from the alternative theatre tradition and Kompania “Teatr” that was founded in 1995. Both Groups co-operated for the first time while producing “The End of Age” based on Camus’ “The Pest”.
“Ferdydurke” proclaimed an event of the Theatrical season received many favourable reviews. The critics did not hesitate to call it “a genius performance that for the first time so clearly deciphers the complicated meanings of Gombrowicz’ novel”. The play was enthusiastically received also by the viewers who awarded it Grand Prix at the OPTMF “Kontrapunkt” Festival in Szczecin. The play also received Grand Prix of the Polish Theatre Confrontations “Klasyka Polska” in Opole. The actors were awarded the Collective Prize at the Festival of Actors’ Art in Kalisz.
The precision with which the play is directed – as well as the excellence of the performance – made the play “as clear as cutting one’s eye with a razor”.