While looking at Fissure we often succumb to illusions caused by optical manipulations. We lose the sense of space, we are unable to judge its size, we lose the clarity of vision when the eye gets tired of the light keeping the image at the edge of visibility, and as a result we lose the sense of time. All of this is achieved by simple, if not primitive means. As obvious and complicated at the same time as death itself

Piotr Gruszczyński “Tygodnik Powszechny”

In Fissure, the artist surprised viewers with extreme pessimism. The crevice enticing with the light of cognition, drawing the daredevils into a cozy interior, turns out to be a trap with no way out. The abyssal tunnel-tunnel swallows new victims, defenseless in their nakedness, brought here by young women in black. The dark atmosphere of the show is emphasized by the sensational music of Jacek Ostaczewski with sounds that evoke metaphysical thrills resembling the cracking of a coffin

Janusz R. Kowalczyk “Rzeczpospolita”