A story of a talented young dancer who decides to move to New York against his parents’ will to pursue his dancing career. He is noticed by Anthony and invited to join his company. During rehearsals he establishes a close bond with another dancer, which soon evolves into a more intimate relationship. Making a living in this huge city without any support from his parents is a true struggle for the boy. “Five Dances”, a story of a quest for happiness and love in a big city, is a true feast for the senses and a tribute paid to beauty, freedom and discipline of contemporary dance and music.

For the location of his most dynamic picture to date, Alan Brown, the director of “Private Romeo” and “Book of Love”, chose the New York’s district of SoHo. He claims that initially this film was a pure experiment inspired by the filmmaker’s passion for contemporary dance. The starting point was choreography created by Jonah Bokaer for five incredibly talented New York dancers, none of whom had had any previous film experience. With only an outline of the plot to work with, they spent several weeks in a studio developing the characters and their relations.