Trucks leading nowhere
Lowered semaphore
Wheels rolling time

Alicja Mojko

In April 2020, artists invited by the director, professionally involved in acting, contemporary dance and performance, were given the task of preparing audiovisual materials, the starting point of which was the idea of ​​”Pioneer Disc” – expressing the need to establish contact and dialogue during a radical “lockdown”. Literary inspiration for the search were selected fragments of Flights by Olga Tokarczuk. The materials suggested by the artists, confronted by the director, were to create a platform for exchange, dialogue, creative inspiration and mutual provocation. The artists sent their own “Pioneer Disc” under pseudonyms. However, the expected dialogue did not take place. The participants remained locked in their own virtual worlds.

On October 17, the first meeting and confrontation of the project participants will take place. In the empty space of the Black Hall of the Centre for Culture, we will ask whether the power of creation and the power of imagination will allow to cross individual and social boundaries.