Teatr Cogitatur for many years has been tempting us with stories that never happened nor could happen. This time tells us dreams that are truly true. It is an offer precedent in cultural archives: dreams of a mad poet who lived two hundred years ago, ideas allied with ancient Gods. However the story is cruel. It manipulates Napoleon and prevents Napoleon from manipulating history. When it comes to Holderlina the story is simple. He was a man who believed in love and revolution. His final years are not optimistic. Neither optimism nor poetry are sufficient. If only one can sleep well and not dream” – this is what the authors say about the play.

And this is what a critic says:
The play has an atmosphere of a dream in which neither logic nor sense of narration are important but the fleeting impression and poetry of the moment. The mood is created from absolute blackness which strikes the eye of the viewer during first seconds of the performance. This blackness will dominate throughout our contact with Holderin’s crazy imagination since it is the source of shreds of memories, figures and events that emerge. Isolated from the space – and soon we have a sense that from time as well – figures and objects appear on the stage like true ghosts.

Henryka Wach-Malicka “Dziennik Zachodni”