Zuzanna Ginczanka (born Zuzanna Polina Gincburg) was beautiful, talented and admired. Known as “Tuwim in a skirt” or “The Star of Zion”. Jewish, Russian, Gypsy or Polish? She wanted to be Polish and she was drawn to this dreamed, dreamed Poland all her life. To language, people, books and places.

As a poet, it was not easy. Men saw in her a trophy, a body, a girl who is worth showing up with, but not necessarily discussing. She published in Wiadomości Literackie and Skamander, and collaborated with Szpilki. She met with scamandrites and Witold Gombrowicz.

She spent the last year of her life hiding in Krakow. She hardly left the apartment, her “Armenian papers” seemed too weak. Nevertheless, at the end of the war, she was arrested by the Gestapo. She died at the age of 27. How many poems written in the hideout and those that were only in the head have been lost forever?