“Cezary Wodziński began his relationship with Lublin during his studies. Here, as a student, he made his academic debut. He returned to the city in the twilight of his life, yet at the peak of his scholarly career. He returned here as a fully-fledged Dionysian philosopher of TRANCE so as to once again step beyond the closed circle of academic life, which – right in front of our very own eyes – is becoming more and more focused on itself, self-centred, and thus unproductive as well as – despite ubiquitous hyperactivity – lifeless. Wodziński has never abandoned the academe, but was always on the lookout for opportunities to betray it. In Lublin he betrayed it with theatre and in theatre. And this was perhaps the least accidental of all his betrayals, as the theatre world has always – not only in ancient Greece – been the temple of Dionysius. His betrayal was therefore a gesture of even deeper devotion to his divine guardian. (…) The contents of the presented selection of Wodziński’s Lublin lectures are a reflection of the archival materials that are at our disposal. It was in the philosopher’s private archives that – courtesy of Cezary’s wife Justyna Górecka – we found a file containing hand written notes taken down in preparation for lectures. Diligently edited, these notes are collected in the present book.”
Piotr Augustyniak, Preface (extract)