“The Lithuanian Maestro interprets Shakespeare’s masterpiece with inventions of genius” – critics comment the director’s work. “Hamlet by Nekrosius emerged as a tremendous iceberg out of the ocean. A paroxysm, an explosion of ice and fire power and metal. (…) Hamlet is a work of a skilful master of a theatre, a visionery and a man who sees the world with an amazing sobriety and is able to see through the vanity of the human soul” – Beata Gucialska

” Such performances as hamlet cause an upheaval in one’s conciousness. they turn upside down everything you have know before. (…) In this performance you feel taken aback not by the things you have known for a long time, not by the fact that the director is so exeptional, but by the fact that for so many years you had no idea what kind of play Shakespeare had actually written.” – Marina Zajnoc

Critics are unanimous in recognition and evaluation of the phenomenon called Nekrosius’ theatre, even though they attempt at terming it in different ways. It is characteristic that they all recognize the unusual strength of Nekrosius as a director and the power of his personal poetics which have gained the status of a distinguishable and significant sign of contemporary theatre. When he founded Meno Fortas Theatre his intention was to make the accumulation of creative potential and promotion of Lithuanian art the company’s priorities. At present, having premiered three plays which won great critical acclaim: ‘Hamlet’ in 1997, ‘Mackbeth’ in 1999, ‘Othello’ in 2001, and having joined the Union of European Theatres, Meno Fortas Theatre is a theatre of Shakespeare and Nekrosius.