Anna Gryszkówna, together with actresses: Anna Moskal, Dorota Rubin and Katarzyna Faszczewska, are looking for answers to questions posed by the new, different reality. The women go on a journey, following the paths of works by Olga Tokarczuk, Virginia Woolf and Anna Świrszczyńska. The motto of this journey is given by Gryszkówna’s poem I am going, I keep going, the wind always blows on my roads….

Can you go nowhere? How to go if there is nowhere to go? Closure, a territory from which no outward movement is possible. After all, your destiny, your essence, your greatest need is to go. Go ahead, go anyway. You have to go on this journey. Three extraordinary women from different perspectives, experiences and sensitivities try to find a path, a thought, a way. A path that depends only on us, not on circumstances – a path into yourself. Selected fragments are a signpost, inspiration, and the poem “A Woman” speaks of your life with the light of a lamp during a trip that you never had time for or did not want to go on. And suddenly it turns out during this trip that you do not need a backpack, that you do not want to take anything, because you have everything in you. Only the map is important – a fragment of your experiences, sensations and longings. What do you miss? What do you want? What will happen when nothing is left? What will be left when there is nothing left? Where will you run away? Do you have a safe place to hide? This place is within us, it is a great treasure that we have each other. The world has flipped by pausing time. It depends on us how we find ourselves in it, not on the circumstances. It is easier to undermine than to create … One thing is certain – we have time, finally … Maybe it’s time to love yourself, hug yourself and your knees, turn loneliness into hope …

And what’s next?

Anna Gryszkówna – actress, director. A graduate of the Acting Department of the Theater Academy Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw, where she also studied at the Directing Department. As an actress, she collaborated with the theaters in Warsaw: Nowy Praga, Studio Buffo, Stara ProchOFFnia, Laboratorium Dramatu, Teatr na Woli im. Tadeusz Łomnicki, Dramatic Theater, as well as the Polish Radio Theater and Polish Television Theater, since 2004 in the team of the National Theater.

She directed, among others The Taming of the Shrew (Ludwik Solski Theater in Tarnów), Man (Dramatyczny Theater in Warsaw), Reset (Wybrzeże Theater in Gdańsk) and Some Scenes from Life According to Platonov (Dramatic Theater in Warsaw), Ginczanka. A recipe for the simplicity of life.

For directing The Taming of the Shrew at Teatr im. Ludwik Solski received an individual distinction in the 25th edition of the Golden Yorick Competition in Gdańsk.