The motto And what now? refers to four post-pandemic premiere performances about hope. Instead of large and expensive multiple-cast productions, the response to the economic, attendance and identity crisis of Polish theatre should be small and low-budget productions. They will be prepared by the authors invited to Lublin: Anna Gryszkówna, Marcin Liber, Maciej Gorczyński, Jan Hussakowski. Everyone will work on their performances in the same conditions and for the same period of time. Instead of two months of analytical tests, several days of intense and intuitive work. The works of the artists invited to the project will share the same slogan HOPE. We do not impose texts, forms or messages on authors. We are interested in their personal response, association, idea. However, we would like them to work on literature, undertake adaptations of works – prose, drama, poetry. And they looked for a recipe and an answer in what has already been created. Let’s talk about the future with the help of the past. Let us look there for suggestions about what will save us, if we are to survive at all – as uncompromising artists, sensitive viewers, conscious citizens. Ironically or for real. What is hope anyway? How can theater give it a scenic expression? Does the viewer need it?