Słobodzianek’s play, directed by Mikołaj Grabowski, is based on authentic facts, which took place in the Polish Orthodox village. A prophet, famous for his healing power gets subjected to an ordeal of the cross. The local community wants to redeem the world again in their own way, playing the roles of the Biblical figures. It is a story about the poor and desperate peasants who decide to crucify Christ again to redeem themselves and the corrupt world.’
‘Grabowski, unlike anybody else in the Polish theatre, understands the provincial mentality reflected in behaviour, desires and characters. He shows us the people who are so hungry for the truth that they believe in everything Rotszyld, Bondaryk, Charyton and even Olga do and say. There is only one way left for them.’- Łukasz Drewniak.
‘This spectacle tells clearly about what hangs in the air in Poland. It tells about the crisis of faith, forced out by devotion, on one hand, and by fundamentalism, on the other hand. About Polish religiousness, superficial and aggressive at the same time. About the loneliness and despair of man who cannot find any support in the instrumentally approached religion. Mikołaj Grabowski found a beautiful and modest language to express all that. The scenography is reduced to the necessary minimum (…) The rest is in the actors’ hands.” – Roman Pawłowski