A group of artists from the Gdańsk school and actors from the Wrocław PWST founded a theater in tiny Michałowice near Jelenia Góra in 1992, which would burst at the seams in Paris during the surrealist revolution by Andre Breton. After Jelenia Góra, a miracle happened: a group of enthusiasts built an island of light-hearted humor, which for us Poles, who are used to laughing at someone or against something, are completely unknown if you count Tuwim and Słonimski. In Polish theater, the artists from Michałowice have only one predecessor, namely Miron Białoszewski and his Osobny Theater. they use a similar artistic narrative, use objects taken from everyday life and flat figures resembling signs from Białoszeski’s oratorio “Osmędeusze” and the play “Nawracacz na wa”. Cinema is a sip of pure humor, not burdened with the duty of satire, and this is probably what today’s gray-haired Pole needs the most.

Roman Pawłowski,  Gazeta Wyborcza