Martina Stuka and Angelica Hoffmann founded Theater Polesie Polar in 1991. Their performances developed in a simple relation to the primarily chosen space. The key elements are motives turned into pictures based on concepts evolving around uncertainty, art, intimacy, violence, time and space.
The artist do not give priority to the language, instead they try to transform the poetry of everyday life into pictures and scenes. They experiment with sound, space and movement. Since 1994 they have mainly been using the shadow in their work. Banality appears: an arch which connects reality with the world of imagination, uncovering the nature of the relation between objects and people. The Theatre suspends the linear sense of time and evokes the elements elements of fantasy that expand our sense of reality.
In Between Time, first staged in 1997 is the second play in a series of performances which commenced the penetration of the motive of time and space.