The project is the effect of collaboration of the Theatre of the Eighth Day with the jail at the Młyńska street in Poznań. The performance is a result of working with eight prisoners for several weeks. It took a long time to get to know and understand their stories and we tried to separate the things that happened only to them from what can happen to anyone. The most fascinating part was to show emotional struggle of the people who committed sometimes quite violent crimes. We wanted to go beyond the social explanation for their fates, the dreadful negligence they experienced, the crimes their committed, we wanted to discover their less obvious, mysterious sides. We learn that “evil is banal” and humanity is complicated. For this reason the artists juxtaposed the prisoners’ stories with the works of Rainer Maria Rilke, the most metaphysical of poets. The performance has two sets; the theatre room, where the actors tell the story of the jailed and the screen, on which we watch the prisoners speaking with the words of the author of the “Duino Elegies”. Founded in 1964, the Theatre of the Eight Day has become a theatre legend of Poznań. They emerged from student culture and become known for their countercultural performances of impressive seize and form and their unhindered vision. They were always sharp and ironic in commenting the communist Poland. The characteristic elements of the Theatre of the Eight Day are scripts without plot, based on the personal story of the character, emotional and grotesque at the same time vision of man, simple onstage situations that manage to make the most of both the acting and the theatre space