“Jezus Niechrystus” is a book that breaks genre conventions and world-view stereotypes. The author, referring to the personal experiences of faith and its abandonment, as well as to his philosophical erudition, proposes a very bold, contemporary reading of the words of the historical Jesus. Based on them, Augustyniak formulates an original philosophy of life that rejects the institutional Church and undermines the foundations of the Christian faith. At the same time, it shows the message of Jesus as an inspiration to find oneself creatively in the modern world and to be liberated from its shoals.

Until now, no one in Poland has written about Jesus like that. Piotr Augustyniak wrote a book about the loss of faith in the resurrection of Jesus, paradoxically thus extracting the deepest dimension of his earthly teaching. However, this book will not please atheist activists or anti-clericals. It will also be a serious problem for theologians who are used to treating religion as their own field, to which others are strictly forbidden to enter.

From the review of prof. Stanisław Obirek